About City House Buyers

City House Buyers was established in 2017 and since has helped many people achieve their goals. We have bought and remodeled many properties with the same mission in mind, give back and build a legacy in the community.

We transform ugly, neglected and distressed houses into beautiful homes for new families to build memories, whichimproves the quality of life on the street and the neighborhood. We have increased property values in neighborhoods which increases neighborhood wealth and local property tax revenues for schools, police and fire services.

We employ many different industry professionals including local contractors, tradesman, suppliers, real estate agents, lenders, attorneys and title companies. Our business helps put food on the table for hundreds of people in your community! We strive to help rescue local homeowners that are facing foreclosure, bankruptcy, financial distress and hardship.

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Helping you find a desired solution to your problem is our specialty.

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